It was established due to the demand from legally responsible bodies for an entity that will contribute to raising legal awareness, will provide information on current issues related to corporate social responsibility and call attention to difficult problems in specific legal areas and topics, whether from the position of employers, entrepreneurs, competitors, consumers or others. For this purpose, the Chamber began to promote legal education in relation to good governance and activities, especially in the areas of civil law, criminal law, labour law, tax law, privacy and intellectual property, competition, information technology law, consumer law and environmental law.

The Chamber analyses current problems of business and non-business entities, evaluates their possible solutions and actively strives to identify problems early on, as well as to educate and act preventively. The Chamber also provides advisory services on current issues affecting the activities of legally responsible entities with public institutions in order to create a platform for entities that conscientiously act in conformity with the applicable laws of the Czech Republic.

Its team of lecturers is made up of leading experts from numerous fields who have undertaken to actively work in accordance with the Chamber's principles and objectives and to assist in the education of entrepreneurs and the general public in various areas of law.