Official opening of the Chamber of Legal Responsibility

Prague, 7 March 2017

The opening ceremony of the Chamber of Legal Responsibility (CLR) took place on 28 February 2017 in the palatial surroundings of the Hotel Hoffmeister. The speakers included Ladislav Špaček, who highlighted the need to support socially responsible companies and presented the objectives of the CLR. The event was attended by distinguished guests from the public and private sectors, politicians, representatives of major companies and collaborating entities.

At the outset, the Director of the Chamber of Legal Responsibility, Alice Kubíčková, presented a project that aims to enhance legal awareness and cultivate a legal environment and broader awareness not only of law, but also in the areas of social responsibility, ethics and etiquette, and to facilitate dialogue between the public and private sectors. “The Chamber of Legal Responsibility offers seminars, trainings, roundtables, discussion panels and the InCompliance e-learning course, in which it cooperates with Wolters Kluwer, one of the world’s leading publishers and providers of information products and services and a partner of the Chamber of Legal Responsibility,” Kubíčková said.

Other major partners of the CLR include the insurance company D.A.S., the LP Legal law firm, the Hotel Hoffmeister and many others.

After introducing the CLR and its activities, Ms Kubíčková gave the floor to the general director of D.A.S Jitka Chizzola. She talked about responsible cooperation between the insurance company and the CLR as well as about the importance in this day and age full of incomplete information of having a platform that supports the idea of socially responsible companies.

Ms Chizzola then passed the microphone to the director of Wolters Kluwer, Petr Král, who wished the CLR the best of luck going forward. Another speaker at the event was ethics and etiquette expert Ladislav Špaček, the former spokesman for President Václav Havel, who cooperates with the CLR on educational activities and actively supports it as well. The evening was made all the more pleasant by the melodious sound of the harp and the dramatic vocals of Czech-Serbian opera singer Pavlína Senič.


About the Chamber of Legal Responsibility

The CLR serves as a broad platform to promote the idea of socially responsible companies, to improve legal awareness and compliance, and foster respect for applicable legislation. The CLR actively participates in several projects, including the project of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs entitled “22% to Equality”, which seeks to eliminate the pay gap between men and women, as well as the InCompliance project focusing on employee training on the risks associated with the criminal liability of legal persons, and many others.

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